Interview with Lakshita Setia

Lakshita has been in the world of investing in stock markets since she was 19, which is about 4 to 5 years back when she got started in the journey.

Following are excerpts from the interview

Who inspired you in this journey of stock markets?

Answer] During this journey, I met a lot of people online who've inspired me but mostly books brought about a real change in my investing journey so far. There's room for a lot more learnings and studies.

What do you love the most about investing over trading in the markets?

Answer] Reading and researching about a company's business model and fundamentals get me more excited.

The best investment that you have made to date in your journey? When did you make this?

Answer] I've got multifold returns in many companies. For eg: I bought tata power at 55. I entered around December 2020 if I remember correctly.

What is your advice to women when it comes to investments?

Answer] I think it's high time women should take charge of their finances. Apart from those women who have a finance background, education-wise, there are not many who manage investments on their own.

What was the most challenging part of your journey in the stock markets till date? How did you motivate yourself to overcome the challenge?

Answer] I was a technology student with no past knowledge in finance. That was the biggest challenge. In college, I got an extra subject by mistake which was not related to technology at all and I couldn't change it later. It was financial management. My journey started from that extra subject and the more I read about it, the more interested I became to read further. I started investing my pocket expense in mutual funds and once I got a job, I started investing in individual stocks after proper research

What is your style of investing?

Answer] I invest for the long term. I read about the business and if the theme is intact for the next few years, I take entries and take my sweet time to invest on significant dips.

Your advice to new investors on how they should approach the market?

Answer] My only advice is - Read about the company and build your conviction first. If you're confident, then invest in the business and don't sell in panic. Have patience and you shall get good returns.

What is the one skill you feel is most important to be a successful investor like you? How can one go about developing this skill?

Answer] Reading books is the most important one. Spending 20 minutes a day reading newspapers can build this habit if you're not into reading.

Do you follow news and current affairs? What are some of your favorite finance news apps?

Answer] Yes, I follow current affairs. I keep myself updated. I usually follow articles on money control and have joined several news channels on telegram as well. Since, I have built a small community now so, we also share information amongst us on twitter.

How important is data analysis for you when it comes to investments? What are some of the tools/softwares that you use to empower your investment and would recommend our learners to use?

Answer] There are a lot of tools. For initial screening and basic fundamentals, I use screener and money control. For digging deeper, I read annual reports, and then finally, I check the trading view for technical analysis.

What are the most important data points that you consider and analyze before making an investment decision?

1. Company should be fundamentally good.

2. Shouldn't be overvalued and the long-term trend on the chart should either be in an uptrend or making a rounding bottom.

If it's overvalued at the time, I keep it on my radar and track closely.

How long do you keep holding and when do you decide to book profits?

Answer] I keep holding and don't book any profit until something unusual (in a bad way) happens with the business.

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